FEAR AND ANXIETY is something we’re all experiencing as a nation and across the world, but can we get help?

Programme Concept


FEAR FIXERS is a highly emotional programme that helps individuals conquer a personal deep-rooted fear to achieve a hugely important life goal.

A big promise but can it really be done?


FEAR FIXERS will be presented by an empathetic but also sceptical high calibre presenter. Our presenter is joined by two highly qualified and extraordinary experts Howard and Felix, both rapid change specialists


Each episode of FEAR FIXERS features 3 real people with 3 real problems always involving real jeopardy and an UNMOVABLE REAL DEADLINE.

It is this UNMOVABLE REAL DEADLINE that makes Howard and Felix’s help so important and emotionally dramatic in each of the cases featured on the programme.

Story Examples

The one-off Special / each episode will cut between 3 featured stories.


Gary is going to be Best Man at a wedding (in less than a week) but is paralysed with fear of public speaking and therefore of giving his speech.


Following an accident, Jessica has completely lost her nerve to compete in the forthcoming Paralympic selection trial.



 And finally, pensioner Mary hasn’t left her flat since lockdown and is now too frightened to step out of her home, but she is desperate to join her twin sister for her 80th birthday.

All of these stories require immediate help to achieve a vital unrepeatable goal in the lives of those taking part.

Audience Take-Home

As well as helping those taking part in the programme, Howard and Felix (possibly with other experts) will share their expertise for longer-term coping strategies that we can all learn from and employ in our everyday lives.

Fear Fixers Structure

In each example above there is a 3-part narrative.

The problem demonstrated and explored.

The treatment / therapy enacted by Howard and Felix with possible setbacks.

The results in the form of a real deadline and the dramatic ‘Will they?’ or ‘Won’t they?’ moment when the viewers find out how it works out.


Not every story will necessarily be successful in achieving the deadline and desired outcome, with each case carrying a high level of difficulty and genuine uncertainty. The drama runs to the end of each story.

Who Are the Fear Fixers?

Howard Cooper

A leading ‘Rapid Change’ expert / NLP Master Practitioner / Design Human Engineer / Thought Field Therapist

TV & media credits: C4 Fear of Flying: Caught On Camera / Scoop & Debunk / BBC Radio / LBC Radio / The Daily Telegraph / Daily Express / Sun / CEO magazine

Specialist in fear of flying, phobias of snakes, spiders, lifts, small spaces, clowns, vomit, driving, heights, public speaking, food, horses, dogs, birds; overcoming anxieties of sleeping, thumb-sucking, bed-wetting, social interaction and health worries.

Felix Economakis

A Chartered Psychologist / NLP Master Practitioner 

TV credits: Panic Room / Freaky Eaters / Blue Peter / My Hoarder Mum and Me / Britain’s Biggest Hoarders / BBC Breakfast / Newsnight / GMTV / Sky News / The Alan Titchmarsh Show / The Wright Stuff

Specialist in phobias, traumas, changing behaviours, eating disorders, overcoming depression, anxiety and developing greater self-confidence.

Howard and Felix Working
Together On Screen

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Executive Producers Ian Cooper and Alec Lom


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